My name’s Josh. I’m a software engineer with over four years of experience. Originally majoring in Electrical Engineering at RIT, I take pride in having a diverse background that lets me solve problems more effectively.

I’ve written in a variety of languages, including C, C++, Javascript and Python. In my current role at L3Harris, I primarily write Python scripting to automate SDR (Software Defined Radio) PHY layer testing.

I spend much of my free time learning and exploring technical hobbies. From ham radio to self-hosting my own 48 terabyte NAS - and a bunch of stuff in between - I really love exploring technology.

My latest project is 911Mapr, a responsive web app that presents a realtime map of 911 calls as they happen in the Rochester, NY area. The app is written in Javascript with a Python (Flask) backend that makes use of a range of Redis features. There’s also an accompanying Twitter Bot (@911mapr_roc) providing live tweets. Packaged with Docker-compose, deployment to AWS is fully automated with Github Actions. And the best part? It’s open source! Check it out: 911Mapr Github

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